Come on, get happy! 13 instant wins for employee morale

Employee morale is a major part of the success of your business. Try these instant wins to keep employees happy and improve the culture of your company.

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The success of your business depends on employee happiness and monetary bonuses alone won’t sustain employee morale. Workplace happiness is much more about the work environment.

For a small business, major perks might not be in the budget, but these instant win tips for boosting employee morale can help to maintain a happy office.

Spring for lunch. A free meal can go a long way to improve employee morale. Bring in breakfast or cater lunch into the office.

Support a cause. Pick a charity to support all year around. Adopt a family in need or donate to a charity that suits your company. You can also give employees a paid day to volunteer or schedule a company event if everyone is game.

Say nice things. Your demeanour affects the mood of the whole workplace. No matter how many things are on your mind, consciously work to smile and say ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you.’

Surprise coffee break. A hot coffee or tea can give a boost in the morning or break up an afternoon, especially if you’re buying.

Flex their hours. Consider a flexible office or simply flex hours for the holiday season when family events and responsibilities go through the roof.

Recognize milestones. Have a way to track and recognise employee milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and the successful completion of big projects. Sign a card, give a small gift or take the whole crew out to lunch.

Create traditions. Go beyond casual Friday, but keep your office traditions unobtrusive. Start popcorn Thursdays or doughnut Mondays. Get creative for your employees.

Late start Monday. Every once in a while, surprise your employees with a late start. Move their start time back an hour or so.

Family days. If it’s a half day for the schools, let your employees take a half day to spend with their family without using vacation or sick time.

Get the right apps. Apps are in the small business budget and the right ones can improve your workplace community.

Clean up clutter. If the files in your office, your digital files on your computer or the fridge in the break room are getting out of hand, make a plan and execute to get it organised. Cleaning up clutter is one way to boost productivity.

Celebrate an odd holiday. Whether it’s Pi Day or International Talk Like a Pirate Day, do something to honour a fun, oddball holiday.

Give feedback. Your employees need to know how they are doing and how you judge their performance. Giving feedback will give them confidence in their work.

If no one appreciates the extra calories of doughnuts or prefers their birthday to pass unnoticed, honor that. Your employees will appreciate perks tailored to them, so choose what fits your business and your employees.

Boosting employee morale is about lasting culture, not just perks. Use these instant wins to improve employee retention by making your business a happier place.

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