9 management blogs to build your leadership skills

Management blogs offer insight and experience from otherwise inaccessible experts. Take advantage of these digital mentors to become a better leader.

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As a manager, you are expected to give advice, guidance, motivation and inspiration to your team. It’s helpful to have sources at the ready that guide and inspire you.

Curating a go-to list

If you type ‘how to manage people’ or any variation into Google, it will return countless websites. But sifting through generic information won’t help you develop as a manager.

It’s vital to find management blogs that answer the practical questions and issues you will encounter as you navigate your new title and tasks.

The nature of leading people is that the unexpected will happen. Great sources stay current and offer regular updates, come from a source that is experienced and knowledgeable and help you to prepare for the unexpected when managing a team.

The starter list for new managers

Save time in tracking down the sources you want. This list will provide you with some go-to resources for learning how to lead people effectively.

The Chief Happiness Officer

Alexander Kjerulf’s blog focuses on creating a work environment with happy, motivated employees. He writes quick thoughts and full posts addressing the subject.

Suggested posts:

The Management Blog by BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek brings you articles that look at the business side of management to help you keep an eye on the larger picture.

Recent posts:

Penelope Trunk

Penelope is well known for honest, straight-forward career advice from her experience in four startups. She currently writes from a farm in rural Wisconsin and offers stories and unique insight into career and management.

Sound advice:

The John Maxwell Co.

John Maxwell has been working in organisational development for 40 years and offers insight about leading teams and managing people.

Thoughts on leadership:

Harvard Business Review Blog Network

HBR is sponsored by Harvard University with daily posts from a number of contributors. They address a manager’s role as well as articles about industries and business.

Recent articles:

Presentation Zen

As a manager, you will find yourself making formal, informal, planned and unplanned presentations. This blog can give you guidance on how to speak to influence people.

Read these first:


This online magazine caters as a whole to entrepreneurs and startups, but the underlying theme is leadership in business and in your work environment.

Inc.com on leading:

Ask a manager

This blog is run by Alison Green and is in the form of Q & A. Its popularity stems from real scenarios and real answers to both the expected and the astonishing in the world of management.

Example posts:

Management Issues

The wise words on this blog come from regular and guest contributors. They focus on junior-to-mid-level management topics.


Keeping up

In order to effectively manage people, you have to learn how to lead, how to communicate, how to motivate individuals and handle problems.

While you’re balancing your own tasks with managing a team, you don’t have time to sift through worthless resources or search for that one blog you read once and liked. Sign up for a tool like Feedly or Bloglovin’ that give you regular updates from the blogs you follow.

Find and keep the resources you benefit from, make you think and help you manage your team so you can develop into the manager you plan to become in the future whether it’s one week or five years from now.

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