How to market your company from HR

Knowing how to market your company from HR allows the department to play a key role in building the brand. Find out how data and marketing strategies help.

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There’s competition amongst professionals for jobs, but there’s even more competition between companies to recruit and retain top talent for their company.

To ensure you are attracting that top talent, hiring the right fit for the company and retaining successful individuals, you have to have a strategy. This means learning how to market your company from HR.

Luckily,a  marketing strategy is just as useful in an HR department and, coupled with data and tools in the cloud, allows HR to play its part in growing the company.

What if HR took a page out of marketing’s handbook?

Marketing strategy is about focused campaigns aimed at an ideal buyer. The method – attract, convert, close and delight – translates to HR’s task of drawing in top talent, suited to the company.

You want to market the experience of working for your company the same way marketing pitches the experience of buying from your company, but instead of pitching to the buyer, you want to target ideal candidates.

Attract the ideal candidate

In order to hire employees well-suited for your company and brand, you have to identify who those ideal employees are.

Create ‘employee personas.’ Marketing forms buyer personas – fictional profiles based on real customers – so they can target the right audience in campaigns.

You can build personas based on the stored data on current successful employees to help identify who you should be marketing to when you post open positions. A few different personas will balance consistency and diversity in your hiring.

Choose channels. Marketing chooses social media channels based on where their ideal buyers are. You can use data to store how current loyal employees came to you and find your most successful channels.

Once you’ve used data to identify who your ideal candidate is and how to reach them, how do you ensure they want to apply to your company?

Convert the ideal employee into an applicant and maintain their interest

Marketing uses a call-to-action after their content to convert visitors into leads.

HR can use content in a posting or published through other channels as an opportunity to market the brand to the employee so they click ‘Apply Now’ and continue through the application process. Remember you’re not just selling a job, just like marketing doesn’t just pitch a product. You;re promoting a brand, a culture and an experience. Attracting the right people goes beyond the basic job ad.

Posting the position. The way you talk about the job, its tasks, hours, pay and everything in between will affect whether or not a person applies. Use the information about your ideal candidate when you write postings to ensure it attracts the right person and so it encourages that person to apply.

The application. Some applications can be lengthy, but don’t make them difficult. Spend time ensuring the application has clear instruction and clean design. Little things like allowing them to save their progress and return later will ensure the perfect candidate becomes an applicant.

The interview process. When talking to top talent, you could be talking to the person you want to accept the offer. HR has to be able to sell the company, sell the role or even the city. Being an expert in your brand will help you sell the job while evaluating applicants.

Following up. Have a clear procedure for following up after the interview and be clear about that procedure with the applicant. you don’t want them accepting a mother position while you’re still deliberating.

Hire right

Marketing’s goal is to close leads into customers. Your job is to identify the best candidate for the role from the applicants, formulate an offer they will accept and integrate them into the company.

Use metrics to predict success. Use the same data you used to identify your employee persona when reviewing applicants. Who has the resume matching your most successful employees and the personality for your brand? You don’t want clones of your existing employees of course, but this can be a good way of weeding out those that just wouldn’t be happy with the role and who wouldn’t be the best at it.

Use data to create an appealing offer. Stored data on salary and benefits will tell you what you’re paying people in similar positions with similar work experience and you can compare it against industry standards to ensure you formulate an offer they’ll accept.

But once you have attracted the ideal candidate, converted them into an applicant and made your hiring decision, the job isn’t finished.

Delight the employee through company culture

It’s six to seven times more expensive for marketing to attract a new customer than to retain one and you know very well that employee turnover drains HR resources in the same way.

Marketing’s solution is to delight their customers so they become loyal to the brand. HR has to delight the employee by creating a company culture employees are happy to be part of.

Continue to use data, including results of employee surveys, to identify what makes existing employees happy and productive when making decisions on things like:

  • Onboarding and training
  • Work environment and layout
  • Benefits and perks
  • Vacation policy
  • Community and events

Company culture affects how employees talk about the company to others, how you’re able to sell the company to other prospective employees and great company culture shines through to the customer.

Delighted employees delight customers

Building a successful brand rests on the entire customer experience including the relationship between the employees you hire and the customers they interact with. Delighted employees will delight customers.

When you implement a marketing strategy and take advantage of data made accessible thanks to the cloud, you can attract top talent, hire and retain the right fit for the company, hone and maintain the company’s culture and play a key part in growing the company, both inside and out.

You can help create a brand people, both prospective employees and customers, are drawn to. And it all starts with knowing how to market your company from HR.

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