Screenagers at work: utopia or dystopia?

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and tech-savvy, the screenagers have arrived in your office, but what are the pros and cons of having screenagers at work?

Screenagers in workplace

Forget ‘millenials’ and ‘generation Z’, our most tech-savvy generation to date have now been dubbed the ‘screenagers’, so-called because their eyes are always glued to a screen of some sort.

For screenagers, life has gone full circle from BC back to AD – ‘before connectivity’ to ‘after digital’ – and many of them are now entering the workplace with no experience of life without computers, the internet or mobile phones.

Having an entire generation of tech-savvy workers coming into the market could be great for businesses. You can take on screenagers knowing that they can easily pick up new technologies and are actually more comfortable with technology than without it. After all, they’ve grown up in a world where nomophobia (the fear of being without a mobile device) affects 56 percent of mobile phone users.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Technology is rewiring our brains, which has lead to shorter attention spans, increased anxiety and poor spelling in the youth of today.

Screenagers at work are a whole new kettle of fish, but do they spell the beginnings of a technological utopia in the workplace or full-on dystopia as we learn how to work with them?

What do you think?

(Hat tip to Theen Moy for the photo)

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