Turbine 10.15 Hopper: release notes

These Turbine release notes introduce new features, including enhanced exports and performance improvements.

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This has been a major release for us. We’ve been focusing on performance, security and stability. The big news is that we upgraded to the latest version of Ruby on Rails, which is the framework we use to build Turbine. This has touched almost every part of the application and it’s been a big job but it brings long term benefits.

We also moved file attachments to Amazon S3 storage. This will improve our backup performance and will deliver performance improvements for heavy users of Turbine. This is another big change under the surface that isn’t so visible for users but which also brings significant benefits.

In response to user feedback, we added some useful new features, including:

  • Show ex-employees requests. This means that if you discharge an employee you can still see their purchase orders on the system.
  • Export cost centre budgets. Now you can export the remaining budgets for all your cost centres to a spreadsheet.
  • Add suppliers to master list by default. Now you can enable users to create ad-hoc suppliers at the same time as requesting a PO or expense and they get added to the master list by default. Admin users can disable this feature or inactivate suppliers from the Settings menu. This is default behaviour for new customers but if you’d like to enable this on your existing account, contact us.
  • Export for PO and expense line items. You can now export the line items in your POs or expenses as well as the totals for each request. This is helpful for analysis and data extraction.

Plus we fixed a bucket load of bugs.

  • Handbooks present by default.
  • Removing of last attachment in the list fixed.
  • Budgeting takes into account custom states.
  • Fix zigzag at the bottom of request for mobile.
  • Fix company logo update.
  • Replace country codes link.
  • Text changes.
  • Fix balancing days error.
  • Filter admin menu actions and add some text changes.
  • Fix holiday days addition.
  • Fix user statistics page loading.
  • Fix time off creation.
  • Fix email formatting for iPhone.
  • Add signup tracking event.
  • Fix colour in comments.
  • Fix support tab view.
  • Fix email templates.
  • Remove beta mark from calendar export.
  • Change text on holding screen.
  • Fix reset password possibility.
  • Fix support button view.
  • Fix permissions for new company.
  • Fix old inconsistent requests with inconsistent transactions.
  • Fix clone demands possibility.
  • Fix user avatar on demand index page.
  • Plus numerous improvements to our management systems to make it easier manage Turbine accounts

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