Turbine release notes – version 10.11

New features in the January release of Turbine, including ZenDesk integration and new sign-up, sign-in and password reset pages.

New Turbine sign in page (it just looks good!)

The latest release of Turbine makes some important improvements to the application:

  • Our ZenDesk support system is now available inside the application as well as on the TurbineHQ.com website.
  • The signup, sign in and password reset pages now match the new TurbineHQ.com website design.
  • We’re making progress towards workflow customisation. In this version we can change the labels for different stages (eg changing ‘Pending’ to ‘Requested’). Submit a request on our support page if you want us to do this for you.
  • Optionally, we can now let users see team information on employee pages. Again contact us if you want this enabled on your account.

We have also made some important fixes:

  • Fix formatting on PDFs from purchase orders and expenses.
  • The system hide support ZenDesk button on narrow screens such as iPhones.
  • Fixed the double submit on company creation.
  • Fix unsupported browser bug for iPhone.
  • Fix team managers’ ability to use filters.
  • When you delete a PO that draws on a cost centre with a budget, the PO amount is credited back to the budget.
  • Fix live error on external CSV export.

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