Recommended reading: books for women in leadership

You don’t need books full of business jargon and waffle advice. You need tailored, practical guidance. Look to these books for women in leadership.

books for women in leadership: Stack of books

I’ve always been of the opinion that you don’t have to have the title to be a leader. So, for those women who lead, whether it’s from the corner office, from your home office or from a cubicle, here are a few books for women in leadership. I recommended them to all women who lead:

Mistakes I made at work by Jessica Bacal listens to ‘25 influential women’ talk about what it’s like to stumble in the professional world and how to come back from it.

Lean in: women, work and the will to lead by Sheryl Sandberg started as a TED talk which garnered such a reaction that Sandberg put her stories and practical advice into book form to encourage professional women everywhere.

A whole new mind: why right brainers will rule the future by Daniel H. Pink discusses how the changing world is allowing right-brained individuals and ‘inventiveness, empathy, meaning’ to become dominant.

Shark Tales: How I turned $1000 into a billion dollar business by Barbara Corcoran is the author’s story of failing at twenty-two jobs before using a one thousand dollar loan to start a real estate business.

Nice girls don’t get the corner office by Lois P Frankel PhD, while not a recent publication, is cited again and again by women in leadership as an influential and worthwhile read.

True leaders acknowledge their need for and willingly accept advice, guidance and insight. Why not look to the experience and research of others to help you grow in whatever position you lead from?

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