Best of the web on office Christmas parties

The countdown to Christmas never runs fast enough, so take a mid-week break to reminisce about (or look forward to) your office Christmas party and those from around the web.

Office Christmas tree on desk

(Hat tip to Alex Wiebe for the photo)

The Christmas season brings the office Christmas party. To get you ready for the holidays happening in your office, we bring you the best on office Christmas parties from around the web:

Holiday cheer doesn’t just happen at the office party. Spread Christmas spirit to your employees all season long. It’s ok to make your office a festive place to be.

Office gifts can be tricky though. There are things you shouldn’t get your customers and things your employees actually want. If you’re still not sure, Silicon Valley is the new Santa.

Speaking of, the companies of Silicon Valley don’t hold back when it comes to Christmas cheer. The non-traditionalists in office parties are also meeting with holiday party success.

For entrepreneurs and home workers, you can have a celebration of your own. Or join other office party orphans for a do.

The best way to prepare for an office Christmas party is making sure you are feeling the Christmas spirit.

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