Make your business more efficient with effective employee engagement

Effective employee engagement paves the way to a successful business, so use these simple tips to ensure your employees are on board with your business.

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Engaged employees are motivated employees, and that motivation often leads to increased efficiency. And, as we know, efficient employees lead the way to successful business outcomes.

Sounds great, but how do you activate this virtuous circle? How exactly does a company reach a healthy level of effective employee engagement?

Give workers a true voice

Rather than rehashing the vital importance of management communicating effectively with employees, spin the topic on its head and give workers a true voice in the company.

Don’t just pay lip service to a ‘listening culture’ where survey results are never used and forums become pure chatter without a productive end result. Try these ideas instead:

  • Empower panels of employees to develop methodologies that can best drive company success.
  • Identify great communicators and charge them with enabling coworkers to speak up as well.
  • Schedule efficient team and one-on-one meetings to check in on progress and design and implement new plans.

This way, employees who really understand their role have some control over how the business develops. This ensures dictates aren’t just handed down with a prescribed process that may not be effective or which have no relevance to employees’ day-to-day experiences.

Celebrate all wins

Find your employee’s passion and then reward wins associated to that passion. Too often, teams and companies only focus on major wins that are work-related. Instead, celebrate an employee as a complete person who accomplishes great things both in and out of the workplace. Simply knowing that someone is watching and appreciating can do wonders for boosting the engagement level of a particular employee.

Celebrate wins with monetary bonuses, extra days off, a small reception or small gift. Public acknowledgment of those wins can also boost the morale of an entire team. Employees love knowing they work for an organization that really cares.

Employee-owned company culture

The culture of a company should develop through the contributions of every person who plays a part in it. Working in an environment that is less than satisfactory or enjoyable can have a negative impact on engagement, which can then tank efficiency. But when employees have a key stake in designing the culture and environment that impacts their daily work, engagement goes up.

Employee engagement practices can seem daunting to develop and onerous to implement, but when simplified and done well, entire organizations can realize enhanced efficiency and success from their happy and committed employees.

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