5 morning routine tips for a more productive day

A productive day starts in the morning (obviously). So use these practical tips in your morning routine to jumpstart your day and sustain you until it’s time to clock out.

Morning routine: Computer and drink in morning light

How you handle your morning affects what you are capable of accomplishing in a day. So, what are the best tips for a morning routine that sets you up to accomplish what you set out to do?

Be the first on the scene

Morning person or not, there is real value to waking up early and completing tasks before the rest of the family rises or while the office is still empty. It’s like giving yourself a head start in a race.

Avoid email and social media

I don’t need a statistic for you to know that social media and email are black holes for productivity. Create rules for when you will first log into social media and read and respond to emails.

Use lists and goals

Whether you’re in favour of making the ‘tomorrow list’ the night before or starting your day by creating goals, having a to-do list at the start of your day helps you stay productive, even in the slumps.

Start a ritual

Finish this sentence: ‘Every morning, I … .’ Exercise. Drink a cup of tea or coffee. Read. Listen to a podcast. It doesn’t have to be big or time consuming, but create a ritual you look forward to each day. It jumpstarts your day.

Keep your weekday routine on the weekends

Don’t let your weekend routine wreak havoc on your productivity during the work week. Make it a habit to get up at the same time and maybe keep your morning ritual so that you don’t have to reset every Monday.

How you spend your morning makes all the difference to what you can accomplish in a day. Figure out what it means for you to start your day right and make your morning routine count.

(Hat tip to Jared Scheel for the photo)

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