5 brilliant tricks to prevent boss burnout

Be sure to stay sane in 2015: prevent boss burnout by using these tips for dealing with demanding employees, overbearing overlords and the daily commute.

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Even the best managers get boss burnout. You know the feeling: you’ve bent over backwards to make your employees happy but lately, nothing you do seems to get your staff motivated and to top if off, your relationship with your entire department is starting to feel like an old marriage that’s lost it’s spark.

Fear not, all is not lost. There are ways to turn it around and prevent boss burnout.

5 ways to prevent boss burnout

These 5 scenarios are probably very familiar, but within in each lies the secrets to preventing boss burnout.

1. Your superior is undermining your authority.

Nothing’s worse than announcing some new office policy, only to have your boss come along and reverse it in front of your staff. This kind of bulldozing not only undermines your authority: it also makes it easier for you to imagine quitting altogether.

You’ve got to tell your boss to back off, but if you value your job you won’t put it like that. Instead, explain that you put a lot of research and thought into the office decisions you make. Explain that when they come in at the last minute and reverse your decisions it wastes your time and undermines your ability to do your job.

You could also offer to run big decisions by them first and try to see this problem off at the pass.

2. You’re tired of the responsibility.

At some point in your career, you’ll want to pull up stakes and disappear to the islands. It gets tiring having to be the person with “The Buck Stops Here” sign on your desk. It feels like you’re always the one taking the blame and shouldering the responsibility.

Do like your momma told you and share. Share the tasks, share the agenda, share the responsibility – share everything. The old adage, “many hands make light work” is oh so true, especially at work. Discuss, delegate and decompress.

3. Your staff are driving you crazy with their demands.

If your staff keeps asking for more perks and benefits, it’s likely they’ve forgotten to be grateful for what you’ve already given them. Casual Fridays and gift cards for Starbucks are all well and good but you may have inadvertently spoiled them.

Pull back a little on the treats. Consider retracting casual Fridays in favor of an end of week department catch-up. Cut out the gift cards and save them for employees who make monthly sales goals. Soon they’ll begin to realise they have to earn their rewards.

4. The commute has become unbearable.

Why did you ever think that a one-hour train ride twice a day would be a great way to ‘catch up on your reading’? It’s two hours out of your day, however you look at it, and those two hours could be spent doing yoga, gazing into your loved one’s eyes, or down the pub.

Talk your way into being able to work from home at least once a week. With all the ways to work remotely nowadays, there’s little reason why you couldn’t make flexible working work for you. If that fails, consider relocating houses or jobs. Life is too short to watch it pass by on a train every day.

5. The workplace is boring.

Few people enjoy going to the same place every day, sitting in the same chair for ten years. If your work day has become so boring that you can’t take it anymore, change it up.

Does your company have satellite offices or another location in a different city or even in another country? Ask if you can put in for a transfer. If not, at least see if you can change offices. Barring that, find the funds to redecorate or suggest an office rearrangement – after all, a change is as good as a rest.

What do you plan to do to prevent boss burnout in 2015?

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