Are you making recruitment and retention synonymous in your company?

Do recruitment and retention get the same attention from your HR department? It’s time to adopt a recruitment philosophy for employees already on board.

Recruitment and retention

Adopting a recruiting philosophy in your approach to retention is vital to ensuring your company retains its top talent and maintains its culture. It just takes a shift in thinking.

Think careers, not roles. You may have found a good fit for the role and company culture, but bored employees look for the next challenge, the next adventure. Can they find it in your company? HR has the ability to create career paths within the company so talent doesn’t seek it elsewhere.

Managers matter. ‘Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.’ A bad manager makes for a bad day – every day. The managers you put in place and how you train them to uphold the culture affects your ability to retain top talent so time and energy needs to go toward shaping the managers in your company.

Manage your company’s network. In reality, no company has 100 percent retention rates, but past, present and prospective employees may be the key to the next perfect fit. It doesn’t hurt to view your company as its own network and make sure the connections inside and outside remain strong.

Don’t be reactive. Retaining employees is about not just ‘getting them to stay,’ but acting like you want them there. If you are constantly offering talent a raise or other last minute incentive to stay, encourage your HR department to switch gears and approach retention with the same enthusiasm as you do recruitment.

Work toward an HR attitude that makes recruitment and retention synonymous and fosters a company culture that makes every position in the company coveted.

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