The Best of the Web on HR

Here’s a run down of the best HR related articles on the web from, and

The Best of the web on HR

In a time where the workplace is vastly different to how it was a decade ago, how has HR changed? What is new and what tips should you know to succeed?

Here’s a run down of the best HR related articles on the web:

7 Ways Cloud-Based Technology Is The Future Of HR Software

Future of HR software

In today’s fast-paced business environment, one buzzword that is being implemented across the globe is the cloud. They use it for everything from data storage to business connectivity. And using it for Human Resources is an obvious move for business owners around the world.

The 7 HR Mistakes That’ll Cost You Big

HR mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes that are potentially costly, but in human resources, it’s especially important to error-proof your actions and make well-thought-out decisions.

Failing to do so could result in frustrated employees, expensive lawsuits, and other career-damaging situations.

LinkedIn HR chief Pat Wadors recommends 3 books to all new managers

Pat Wadors book recommendations

LinkedIn SVP of Global Talent Organisation Pat Wadors has shared the “trifecta” of business books she recommends all new managers read.

Your guide to HR and purchasing automation

HR and purchasing automation

The first our four-part guide focuses on Human Resources and purchasing automation. Simplify approval and improve audit trails by embracing the power of the cloud.

Time off requests, purchase orders, expenses claims: they’re all a massive time-suck.

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