The best of the web on business growth

Here’s a run down of the best content on business growth from Sage, and Constant Contact.

Best of the web on business growth

Business growth is every company’s end goal. But growth doesn’t just mean expanding in size and number of employees. It also means stretching your reach and taking on new business challenges – and that’s not easy!

Here’s a run down of the best articles on the web related to business growth:

4 ways to increase business growth rate

4 ways to increase business growth


Growth is a high-priority for many businesses. After all, growth and expansion opens up further opportunities for revenue.

We’ve watched companies grow from improving and adapting processes throughout their businesses and learnt a few things along the way.

Skyrocket to Success: Top Tips for Rapid Business Growth

top tips for rapid business growth


You’ve gone through all the hard work of starting up your business and getting it to a reasonably established stage.

You’ve researched the market and your competition, sought advice, learned about general business tactics, and invested plenty of your own time, money, and energy into getting the venture off the ground.

13 Tips and Tactics to Propel Your Small Business Growth

small busines sgrowth

Source: Constant Contact

What does it mean to “grow your business”?

Is it the same thing as increasing profits, the bottom line? Or does it mean increasing sales, the top line?

It’s important to understand the relationship between these two approaches to business “growth” and how they fit into the evolution of your business.

The future of small business funding now

Small business funding for growth

Small business funding has changed. With banks massively reducing lending, non-banks and fintechs have stepped in to help small businesses grow.

Small business funding has changed. Small business lending fell by over 50 percent following the financial crises of 2008 after tighter regulations came in.

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