The best of the web on productivity

This week’s best of the web features articles on productivity from, The New Yorker and Fusion.

The Best of the Web on Productivity
Productivity. We all seek it. Not all of us get it. Here’s a run down of the best productivity related articles on the web this week:

Are You Working Too Fast? How Speed Is Hurting Your Productivity

Working too fast


The ability to work with jackrabbit speed is typically recognized and rewarded in business. Simply put, companies like employees who can cruise through their to-do lists at Mach3 with their hair on fire. Because, after all, time is money. But time is not money if that efficiency is not matched with effectiveness.

The Great Productivity Puzzle

The Great Productivity Puzzle

Source: The New Yorker


I was going to start this column with some new productivity figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but I realized that at least half of the readers would quit right there. Productivity is one of those subjects that fascinates economists and bores, or mystifies, almost everyone else.

The surprising link between how much you make and how productive you are

Productivity and pay


A new study suggests that if bosses want to increase productivity among their workers, they should start by paying everyone equally. Economists from Columbia and Berkeley conducted 14 experiments at set of factories in India to study the effects of pay disparities on worker productivity. This is what they found:

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