The best of the web on building culture

Here is a run down of the best articles on the web about building culture from Inc, Trello, Eremedia and OfficeVibe.

Best of the web on building culture

Culture is more than a ping pong table in the office. It’s more than ‘funny-tie Friday’, too. Culture is a careful mix of trust, empowerment and strong relationships. And, some might argue, culture can’t be manufactured – it has to be earned.

Here’s a run down of the best articles on the web around building culture:

How Communal Tables Could Give Your Company Culture a Much-Needed Boost

Communal tables build culture

Over the last three years, we’ve seen more coworking offices pop up across the globe. The number of coworking members surpass half a million. So why do individuals love coworking spaces so much?

How Mindfulness And Productivity Go Hand In Hand

mindfulness and productivity

Each year, rankings for the best company to work for, company culture, and job perks have thousands of companies vying for a spot on the list. For many companies, diverse employee benefits are what keep a company on these lists and what keeps employees happy.

HR Technology Is Helping to Change the Entire Work Culture

HR tech for culture

Recognize This! – Trends in HR for the year ahead will emphasize empowerment, the employee experience, and ultimately a more human workplace.

What will some of the big themes be for HR leaders in the year ahead and how can we begin preparing for them?

Building Culture On Remote Teams

Building culture in remote teams

Company culture isn’t about having a fancy office.

Culture is about having a team that works well together and is productive, all working towards the same goal.

Many employees are opting to work remotely to enjoy their life and have more freedom.

Creating a company culture

Company culture in the office

Company culture is a real conundrum. We all know what it is but we can’t point to it, measure it or slot it neatly into a spreadsheet, but overlooking it is a no-no. Culture happens, so make it a good one.

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