The best of the web on going paperless

Here is a run down of the best articles on the web related to going paperless from Project Eve, Greentree and Systemware.

Best of the web on going paperless

The paperless office – what was once a far off dream is now a very likely reality. Beside the obvious benefit of having less paperwork cluttering up your desk, going paperless can also lead to some incredible cost savings for your business.

Whether you’ve already made the move or you’re still bogged down with forms and printouts, here’s a run down of the best articles on the web about going paperless:

3 Steps to a Paperless Office

3 steps to paperless office

Remember Steve Carell’s The Office?

It’s about the daily hi-jinks that happen at a paper company. Now it seems so passé and retro. Who needs that much paper these days?

Today’s modern offices are undergoing three major transitions.

A Paperless Office – are we there yet?

going paperless

It is only when you have a fully integrated business management solution, coupled with the ability to seamlessly convert paper into data – that paperless becomes possible.

Let’s rewind the clock to June 1975 when an early prediction of the paperless office was made in a Bloomberg Businessweek article entitled, ‘The Office of the Future’.

3 Questions to Answer: How Paperless Are You?

3 questions to discover how paperless you are

This month marks the release of the latest Industry Watch research from AIIM, underwritten by Systemware. In this edition, you’ll learn where the path to paperless is leading and what you can expect to encounter on your way to a fully digital workspace.

Your ‘paperless offices’ takes 4.48 Trees per person per year

Towards a paperless office with Turbine

The average Brit consumes 4.48 trees a year thanks to our addiction to unnecessary paperwork and printing. Turbine can help businesses move towards a truly paperless office.

This infographic from The Economist shows that the paperless office is little more than a shimmering mirage in the distance.

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