The best of the web on hiring talent

Here is a run down of the best articles on the web about hiring talent, from, Medium and Quartz.

Best of the web on Hiring talent

Success happens when you have the best people making up your team. Hiring the best talent is not just about finding the right people, though. It’s also about offering the best opportunity – and that doesn’t have to mean the biggest salary.

Here’s a run down of the best articles on the web about hiring talent:

Building a Kick-Ass Team: 5 Lessons

Building a kickass team

1. Hire for Now

The Information reported that Snapchat has an unprecedented four-year vesting period for new employees, with the goal of encouraging long-term loyalty. It’s conventional wisdom that bringing in people for the long term is beneficial for any company.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hire That ‘Rockstar’ Candidate

Why you shouldn't hire rockstars

Founders like to beat their chests and proudly proclaim, “we only hire rockstars here!” But this is a dangerously oversimplified way to view the hiring process. I know because I’ve made the mistake myself.

Successful hiring is not only about attracting top talent.

How to recruit great people: A comprehensive slide deck from one of the early investors in BuzzFeed

How to recruit great people

Bringing on new people is hard, and getting it wrong is expensive. For startups and other small employers, the risks are even greater. Hiring the wrong person can consume management’s time, undermine morale and drive off other employees.

Kirk or Spock: intuition and data in the hiring process

Spock v Kirk – intuition and data in the hiring process

When it comes to hiring, do you trust your hunch or the data? Why not both? To identify great candidates, balance intuition and data in the interview process.

Bold, maverick intuition or cold, calculating reason? Kirk or a Spock?

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