5 free online classes that will boost your tech skills

By 2020, having intermediate tech skills and a design mindset will be critical to success in the workplace. Get ready for the future with these five free online classes to boost your tech skills.

5 free online classes that will boost your tech skills - hands using a typewriter

Back in 2014, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) reported that the proficiencies and abilities required in the future workplace were evolving. By 2020, having intermediate tech skills and a design mindset will be critical to success.

New technology and demographic trends are just some of the things disrupting the professional landscape. The most disruptive shifts – such as the rise of smart machines, new communications tools and increased interconnectivity – are making tech skills even more essential.

With just four years to go until 2020, now is the time to start thinking about how to boost your tech skills. Why not start with these five free online classes?

1.    WordPress Development with Treehouse

Millions of websites are hosted on WordPress – 74.6 million to be precise – so this WordPress class on Treehouse is a great way to start boosting your tech skills.

Learn how to build your own WordPress-hosted website, customise themes and even optimise your site for search engines with a course on SEO. Treehouse offers videos, transcriptions and discussion boards in a user-friendly interface, which you can access on both your desktop computer and iPad.

2.    Beginners Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Honing your design skills is another great way to prepare for the future, and there’s no better way to start doing this than with a class on Adobe Photoshop.

These Beginners Adobe Photoshop Tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of Photoshop CS5, with additional instruction on more advanced functions. You’ll learn how to edit and prepare images for use on websites, PDFs and even print, with easy-to-follow examples and an entertaining instructional style. You even get a Certificate of Completion at the end!

3.    Make a Website with Codeacademy

Even if you know how to build a website on WordPress, learning the fundamentals of web development and how to use HTML and CSS is a great way to boost your tech skills.

This Codeacademy class, designed for beginners, teaches you how to use HTML and CSS to build a webpage, change colours and fonts, arrange content, edit page layouts and more. The tutorials take you through the process of building a recent version of Airbnb’s home page, teaching you the basics of web development in the process.

4.    Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the most popular software applications in the professional world. It’s used for everything from record-keeping to data modeling and analysis, so it’s a versatile tool worth mastering.

With this introductory class run by ALISON, you’ll learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2010 and how to do more advanced things such as:

  • Create formulas, tables and charts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Create and run Macros
  • Design spreadsheets for planning and analysis

Upon successful completion of the modules you’ll get a Certificate of Completion, and an in-depth understanding of how to use this powerful software.

5.    Online Advertising with OPEN2STUDY

According to the IFTF report, new multimedia technologies are transforming the way we communicate. Getting up to speed on major digital platforms, social media, mobile search and online advertising is essential to understanding the new media landscape – and it will boost your tech skills in the process.

OPEN2STUDY’s Online Advertising course is a great introduction to the world of digital advertising. You’ll learn about the different types of digital platforms and advertisements, as well as practical skills around campaign planning, performance measurement and social media marketing.

Will you be ready for 2020?

Taking free online classes is a great way to boost your tech skills, but why stop there? Consider subscribing to some informative newsletters or RSS feeds, or join a meet-up or networking group. Preparing for the future is a process that never ends, so find what works best for you and let us know how you’re going to boost your tech skills by 2020.

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