Five game-changing CEOs and their tips for launching a better business

Startup culture can teach us a lot about building a successful business. Here are some game-changing CEOs of the moment, and what we can learn from them.

Five game changing CEOs: Ceo pocket

The explosion of the tech industry saw a lot of talented, creative business founders blaze trails across the globe to the fertile land of Silicon Valley.

As time has gone on, however, startup ecosystems around the globe in finance, fashion and other industries have become just as common. London is now leading the way in Europe for startup success, and the capital is now an innovative, experimental business community for entrepreneurs.

Across industries, startup culture can teach us a lot about building and maintaining a successful business with a rich company culture and unstoppable workforce. Here are some of our favourite game-changing CEOs of the moment, what makes them tick, and what we can learn from them.

Anil Stocker: MarketInvoice

Five game changing CEOs: Anil Stocker

Anil was fresh out of Cambridge and working in Private Equity when the idea struck him to found a peer-to-peer finance company; that company is now enjoying huge success. He strives to change the business-lending landscape into one that is completely transparent, and believes this is a core aspect of running a successful business with happy employees and stakeholders. His blog is also well worth checking out.

Julia Elliott Brown: Upper Street

Five game changing CEOs: Julia Elliott Brown

Julia is the mastermind behind Upper Street, a company that allows women to design their own luxury shoes. An instant hit at London Fashion week, the company expanded into America in 2014. Moving on to found a successful business growth company called Enter The Arena, there seems to be no stopping Julia, who writes great stuff about women in business.

Rob Symington: Escape The City

Five game changing CEOs: Rob Symington

Rob was looking for a jobsite that provided genuinely exciting jobs for corporate employees wanting a change. He couldn’t find one, so he created his own, and his mission is to connect one million professionals with jobs they love. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Well Symington has strong beliefs when it comes to job satisfaction, and publishes lots of inspiring stuff about fulfillment in the workplace and beyond on his website.

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh: Sugru

Five game changing CEOs: Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh

Jane is a product design graduate with a love for problem solving, who invented the life-changing self-setting rubber Sugru, now used by a quarter of a million people around the globe. It wasn’t an easy journey, but that’s half the fun; Jane’s talk ‘The Magic Is in The Process’ is a funny, warm perspective on the journey of creativity. The story of the company is really inspiring, and celebrates the joy of building a business.

Sam Chaudhary: ClassDojo

Five game changing CEOs: Sam Chaudhary

Another impressive Cambridge economics graduate, Sam has a background in teaching and business analysis. He founded ClassDojo in 2011, a classroom management system for students, parents and teachers. Moving from the UK to San Francisco to start his company, Sam has spoken about the emotional impact of building a business overseas. It was clearly the right move, as their systems are now used in over 50 percent of schools in the US.

Finding game-changing CEOs that inspire you

Lucky for us, pretty much everyone in the startup world runs a blog, Twitter account or website, so there’s plenty of places to find out exactly how talented individuals became sensationally successful.

With so many influential people in UK business at the moment, it’s a great time to find the business guru that best represents your business philosophy, and use your admiration for them as motivation to change, develop and improve.

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