Five wearable gadgets to transform office life

Wearable gadgets have evolved rapidly over the last few years. Not only are people using them in their personal life, they’re also entering the office space.

Wearable gadgets

The variety of wearable gadgets is ever-expanding, from fitness trackers to high-tech suits. In 2015, 78.1 million wearable devices were shipped, and they’re entering the workplace, too. Here’s a look at some of 2016’s gadgets that could transform office life.

1. The smart watch
With the launch of the Apple Watch, people are discovering the ease of having notifications, emails and more with a tap of the wrist. Being dependent on desktop computers and other bulky hardware to use work email and information is now a thing of the past.

2. Virtual Reality headsets
Google tried implementing VR into daily life with the famously unsuccessful Google Glass in 2013. Undeterred by Google’s hiccup, several companies are now working to create VR software that can bring the privacy and focus of an office setting to the most crowded of tube trains.

3. Smart earphones
smart earphones wearable gadgetsIn a similar vein, wearable gadgets are also tackling noisy offices. Smart earphones can turn down ambient noise, like the coffee machine, but keep the words of your coworkers completely clear.

4. Smart fashion
Schmoozing a client or making a work purchase has never been so easy with this trick – or rather, this chip – up your sleeve. For speedy, snazzy purchases go super slick and high-tech with a suit that pays for you. Wireless-linked technology – often called NFC – extends to anything you can stick a chip in today, even your next business card, so why shouldn’t your suit be interactive?

5. The wearable chair
If you work in a position that requires you to be on your feet all day, consider the wearable chair. Japanese surgeons have already benefitted from the wearable chair during long surgeries. It’s a great device but let’s just keep Pixar’s ominous prediction for the human race in mind:

Wearable gadgets - Pixar's humans

Whether you’re a wearable fan or not, technology is evolving to make daily tasks quicker and more efficient inside and outside of the office. With the potential to save time and cut costs for businesses everywhere, it’s worth considering the possibilities not only for employees, but as a new and exciting way to engage with clients and customers.

Hat tip: Doppler Labs, NYC Media Lab, John Negroni (Pixar)

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