Mobile working: 5 lessons from Pokémon Go

Do you want to be the very best? Like no-one ever was? Whether you’re a fan or not, there are lessons about mobile working you can learn from Pokemon Go.

Mobile working

Everybody wants to be successful. But when you’re pursuing customers outside the office, it can be easy to find yourself lost in the long grass.

Pokémon Go, the latest app to achieve global poké-domination, was not created for the average office worker. Yet there are lessons on mobile working you can learn from it. It shows us that there is no defined arena for success, but also that succeeding on the go isn’t easy.

Whether you’re trying to become a Pokémon Master or get your business off the ground, there’s a skill to mobile working. Here are the five lessons Pokémon Go teaches you about the essentials of going it alone.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

You’ve probably heard the stories of Pokémon Go players damaging property and injuring themselves. When you’re out in the wild, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Ask yourself: does your working environment help or hinder your productivity?

Although you might enjoy the hustle and bustle of your local café, is it a good idea to take client calls there? Not only can it look and sound unprofessional, but you don’t know who might be eavesdropping on your sensitive conversations – especially given the insecurity of public WiFi.

Prepare for trouble, so it isn’t doubled. If your surroundings are hindering your work consider reorganising your office space or setting up in a shared office space.

2. Organisation is key

A photo by Aleks Dorohovich.

There are many ways you can organise your business. The human mind is fallible and you can lose business through disorganisation and forgetfulness. In Pokémon Go, players keep track of what they’ve caught using a pokédex. This hand-held encyclopaedia contains information on every pokémon.

This is useful as the aim of the game is to ‘catch ‘em all’. Players can keep track of how far they have come and their future objectives.

Businesses must also be vigilant as to their performance. In the real world, there are organisational tricks, like the pokédex, which allow you to remain active on the move:

  • Use cloud storage to access your information anywhere.
  • Make the most of email or task management to ensure you stick to your schedule.
  • Prepare a ‘go bag’ with everything you need. For example, your laptop/tablet, headphones and chargers. Prepare a mini-office that you can take anywhere.
  • Plan your day the night before and never find yourself unsure what to do next.

3. Pain vs gain

One of the main objectives of Pokémon Go is to find Pokéstops. These are normally buildings and landmarks of interest in your local area. Players collect useful items at these locations, which you otherwise have to buy through in-app purchase. Then again, since the game uses the whole world map, some of these items may be in a far off land. You need to ask yourself if the benefits of avoiding having to buy them are worth the large amount of time and effort required to actually retrieve them.

When considering your business’s next steps, note the pain points in achieving your goal, such as cost, time spent and resource allocation. If the costs outweigh the gain then reconsider the action. By thinking ‘outside the box’ can you get the same result at a lesser cost to your business as a whole, rather than just your bank account?

4. Knowledge is power

Knowledge mobile working

Some aspects of business remain true no matter your work setting. When you enter a Pokémon gym or tournament you want to know your opponent’s weaknesses so you can use them to your tactical advantage.

Now obviously we don’t condone challenging your customers in the same way (I repeat: DO NOT wrestle your clients!) but if you know their needs, pain points and where they need strengthening, then you can ‘win’ their custom.

In the Pokémon universe, trainers turn again to their trusty pokédex for this information. In the real world mobile workers can turn to Customer Relationship Management software. This allows you to store and manage information about both established and prospective clients on-the-go. This is your playbook and guide to getting customers no matter where you work.

5. Keep in touch

In Pokémon Go ‘Professor Willow’, your trusted advisor, guides you through the world. Mobile working can be a lonely world so it helps to keep in contact with people for support and advice. Having this network of people you can turn to is important: many minds create marvels.

Be a mobile working master

The world of business, like that of Pokémon, can be a strange and confusing place. When it feels like you’re losing yourself in the madness, remember these five lessons. Whether you’re home alone building your business or chasing Pokémon in the wild, you’ll be ready for whatever the world has to offer.

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