New features September 2016

We’ve added a number of new features, including better support for logging into multiple accounts and support for product catalogues.

We’ve just released Version 19 of Turbine with lots of improvements.

The big new feature is the ability to define a product catalogue for POs and expense claims so that people can select commonly used items or choose from a strictly-limited range of products.


The other big improvement is how we handle people logging into multiple Turbine accounts. This was always a huge pain for the handful of clients who had to do it (and for us to do testing!). Now we have made it easier. Enable it on the features menu and then people can select ‘Add account’ on their profile menu and switch between multiple accounts using the same menu.


Other improvements include:

  • Dashboard filtering. The dashboard now has a toggle so you can switch between your own requests and all the requests you are allowed to see. Also there is a drop down filter menu there that lets you filter out requests you don’t want to see.
  • Quick link to email filtering. All Turbine emails now contain a link to the email settings, which is now on its own page, so they can filter out the emails they don’t want more easily.
  • Date field for POs. In a recent release we added the ability to customise POs and expenses with new fields. Now we’ve added the option to add date fields to POs and expenses. For example, you can use it to give suppliers a delivery date or invoice-by date.
  • More customisation on PO/Expense PDFs. We’ve added a pretty editor for the header and footer on PDFs so you can add more useful information for your suppliers.
  • Custom fields on personnel records. Now you can add text, number and date fields to people’s HR records in Turbine.

We also stamped on some pesky bugs:

  • We show an ‘maintenance’ warning when we’re updating the app again. Now we’re back doing regular updates this is important.
  • It’s easier now to select a custom date range for filtering requests

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