New features in Turbine August 2016

New features in Turbine from August 2016

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New features

  • Slack! Yes, Slack integration is done. We’re just testing it and writing instructions. Check this page for more updates.
  • We have implemented the ability to add buttons to emails that let people approve or reject requests in email
  • You can export a budget report and a list of vendors in the system. Go to the Purchases and expenses page on the Settings menu.
  • We added the ability to delegate approval permissions so that you can go on holiday and let someone else deal with your requests. Just click on your profile and click edit, then you can just add the name of your deputy.
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  • The calendar view shows half days as half days.
  • You can filter by time off category on the Time off page.
  • When you export POs or expenses, Turbine includes the most rec
  • Enter a negative price for a line item to add a discount to a purchase request.
  • Added a filter option on a custom date range. Choose ‘Custom period’ and then just click twice to select a start date and stop date


  • Turbine is now running on the latest version of Ruby on Rails and we upgraded Linux on our servers.

Bug fixes

  • Last month, we added the ability to rename some of the labels on purchase order forms but some users found a bug that blocked access to this feature. Now we fixed it.
  • When users save a request for later, the system sent a notification to managers. This was wrong and now it doesn’t.
  • Managers were sometimes getting requests from ex-employees in some circumstances. We stopped that.
  • With two-stage approval, when you edited a request after it was approved, Turbine got confused. Now it reverts the request to pending.
  • There is an option now to select unlimited time off accruals.

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  1. hi

    i spoke to Mathew a good couple of weeks ago re the two stage approval process i emailed my request but heard nothing back. In our organisation we have approval limits set with most people being able to approve up to £100 and the anything over that needs approving by a board sponsor is this something that can be done quite easily? could someone please come back to me. 0151 665 0158 Lez

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