The value of HR software for small businesses

Technology is playing a huge role in management right now. Software-as-a-service has already taken over many departments, and HR software for small businesses is adding a lot of value.

The value of HR software for small businesses

Globally, the automated software market will grow at a rate of 2.4 percent each year, reaching as much as $9.2 billion by 2022. HR software for small businesses is extremely advantageous. Here’s why.

Cut the red tape

Small businesses are often managed by the owner, a quarter of whom log more than 60 hours of work each week.

Pair this with rapid growth and you begin to understand the need to cut the red tape and automate HR processes.

HR software for small businesses cuts out the endless bureaucracy involved. In fact, most HR software lets you set up an account directly, eradicating all paperwork completely.

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Reduce human error

Human resource departments are becoming a lot less human, and fewer humans means fewer mistakes. As a small business owner, you don’t have time to correct mistakes or the money for a fully-staffed HR department.

Automated systems, then, are your answer. Eliminating the human processing of something simple like updating a spreadsheet for a time-off request can save you precious time to focus on the future, not double-checking the past.

A head start in digital transformation

Digital transformation is happening, there’s no doubt about it. And small businesses are leading the way by implementing digital services quicker than their larger competitors.

Deploying automated HR software means you can get one step ahead of those slow giants. By cutting right to the chase, you’ll have the advantage of flexibility and agility.


HR software for small businesses is in a state of rapid growth. In the US, SMBs adopting software-as-a-service increased from 27 percent in 2011 to 73 percent in 2016, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

As a small business owner, HR software doesn’t just save you precious time and money; it puts your company at the forefront of the digital transformation race, fully preparing you for the future of business.

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