The best of the web on productivity – Friday 17th March

Take a look at this week’s best of the web on productivity and discover some helpful tips and tricks from the likes of and Inc.

The Best of the Web on Productivity

Which tools can aid your workplace productivity? And can automation help with employee creativity? Find out in this week’s best of the web.

Here’s a run down of the best articles on the web about productivity:

1 Surprisingly Simple Tip to Make You More Productive and Less Stressed


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Productivity experts praise the power of organization, time blocking, and project management apps. In fact, I’ve written popular articles on these topics and they are all valid, worthwhile ways to improve productivity. However, for many people, becoming more organized and introducing new methods means breaking old habits and learning to be consistent with new tools and habits. It’s not always easy. This is why a change in routine that’s easy, yet effective, can be worth its weight in gold.

11 Tools for Tracking Your Remote Staff’s Productivity


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Remote workforces have become increasingly common, especially in the startup world. But how can you tell if your remote staff is spending the appropriate amount of time actually working? 11 entrepreneurs from YEC share their favorite apps for tracking the amount of time remote employees spend on their projects.

Say goodbye to boring and make human jobs more creative


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Amid an ongoing discussion about robots replacing human jobs, employers must remember that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

Robot versus human jobs aside for a moment, this happiness-productivity mantra is frequently extolled by HR departments, while new studies linking employee satisfaction to productivity are released on an almost daily basis.

8 Super Simple To-Do List Tools to Keep You Focused


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We often get carried away with productivity systems and the promising features of to-do list apps. When this happens, task management becomes an excessive activity and an excuse to procrastinate some more.

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