The best of the web on productivity – Friday 7th April

This week, experts debunk some common productivity myths and suggest unique ways to help us become more engaged at work.

The Best of the Web on Productivity

Here’s a run down of the best articles on the web about productivity:

How to Boost Your Productivity With Habit Fields


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Environmental psychology determines exactly how productive you can be in any setting. Have you ever noticed how we seem to act a certain way within certain environments? You might feel naturally more relaxed in your favorite coffee shop, or instantly focused when you walk into a library. On the other hand, when you’re sat at your ergonomic desk, tapping away at a keyboard, you may feel ready for work, but you might be unable to achieve the same concentration sitting in a recliner at home.

9 Morning Rituals Which Will Make You More Productive


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It doesn’t take much to understand the importance of a good start to the day. If you’ve ever started the day on the wrong foot you already know it could have a massive impact on your productivity throughout the day. Most people drag themselves out of bed and spend their mornings in a groggy stupor.

6 Ways Consistently Productive People Get Things Done


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You are frustrated because you didn’t get enough done.

You are not alone. The lack of time (and lack of time management) is an epidemic and a virus eating away at your productivity.

Sure, there are thousands of ways to manage time. Smart phones, planners, whiteboards — there are tools galore. But unless you consider and refine the one variable that is the same in every time management scenario, no amount of tools, tactics or gadgets will help you.

The Truth Behind 7 Productivity Myths


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If there’s one universal truth about productivity, it’s that not everything works for everyone.

Maybe you like to wake up at 5 a.m., go through your entire email inbox, organize your desk, and get cracking on your to-do list.

Or, maybe you prefer to wake up at 8 a.m., hit the gym, scan your emails without responding to any, and eat a leisurely breakfast while brainstorming before getting started on “real” work.

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