PTO tracker blog: 'Day off' road sign in front of a beach

4 reasons why you need to use a PTO tracker

How do you remember, track and manage your employee paid time off (PTO)? Post-it notes? Excel spreadsheets? Sally in HR’s abnormally good memory retention techniques?

Let’s be honest, this all sounds like too much hassle, right?

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video conferencing apps

The top 5 video conferencing apps for remote businesses

By 2020, flexible working practices will be the norm for 70 percent of organisations. The term ‘office work’ is rather close to becoming extinct and a new generation of remote businesses are making headway, adopting cloud technologies, coffee shops and yes, you guessed it, video conferencing.

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Power to the people: the benefits of workplace flexibility

As those of us who have ever tried doing anything will know: productivity rarely comes naturally. Why? Because everyday work life can be stressful, busy and downright exhausting. As a result, it’s hard to find time to really sit back, rationalise and tackle the tasks at hand.

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