Pins stuck into a calendar

Five cool things you can do with Turbine

Did you know Turbine has lots of amazing features that can help you organise your business? From integrations of your employee time-off requests with Outlook calendar to a staff handbook, check out these cool things you can do with Turbine.

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Big data for small businesses: does it matter?

Accessing, collating and translating big data for small businesses used to daunting. Without the right processes, they were left scrambling through their systems to find relevant data. Then, once they found it, they’d struggle to tell a meaningful story with it. Today, it’s a completely different game.

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PTO tracker blog: 'Day off' road sign in front of a beach

4 reasons why you need to use a PTO tracker

How do you remember, track and manage your employee paid time off (PTO)? Post-it notes? Excel spreadsheets? Sally in HR’s abnormally good memory retention techniques?

Let’s be honest, this all sounds like too much hassle, right?

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